About Us

The Myanmar Culture Club seeks to act as a forum and platform for students at the University of Toronto for the awareness and involvement of Burmese heritage, social issues, history, and culture.

The Myanmar Culture Club was founded at the University of Toronto in the Fall of 2022 by a group of Myanmar (Burmese) and Myanmar-interested individuals at the school. The intent of the group is to act as an organization that facilitates events and coordinates activities which promotes Myanmar's deep and diverse culture, ethnic groups, history, and cuisine while also advocating for democracy, human rights, and development especially following the Military Coup in 2021.

Within the span of less than a year, the Myanmar Culture Club has already hosted numerous events and collaborated with key academic and community partners. We began with approximately 20 members and have grown considerably across campuses. Each event we host is free for all members and the public, and the costs have been either covered by the executive or by our community partners. Some of the events we had hosted this year included over 50+ in attendance from the general Ontario Burmese community. For instance, we worked with the Asian Institute to host a talk with Myanmar's Democratic National Unity Government Minister of Communications U Htin Linn Aung and another to host Miss Grand Myanmar Han Lay, exiled Political Activist and Beauty Queen. We have also worked with the Myanmar Emergency Fund to host two separate movie screenings and fundraisers at Bissel Library and Innis College respectively.

You can find a copy of our group's constitution at

Our official club logo beautifully fuses the flags of Myanmar and Canada, symbolizing our rich foundations in both countries, cultural exchange, and unity in diversity. It represents our commitment to embracing and appreciating the traditions of Myanmar while fostering cross-cultural friendships and awareness among our members. Together, we celebrate both cultures, enriching our university experience and promoting a sense of belonging for all.